June 11th update saying my server is against the rules... I've never even sold anything regarding my server

I am so confused, I’ve never sold anything related to my server, and then all of the sudden this happens.
I pay out of my own pocket and don’t even have a donation link for my server. nor have I ever sold ranks, or anything not allowed within the June 11th update.

Edit: all of my servers are like this.


Have you tried emailing Nelson to dispute it? It’s either a mistake or there’s something behind the scenes (Not implying there is).


@Ant How the fuck did this happen? Oh boy, a string of messes are going to happen from here on out.


Closing because this should have already been resolved by the time OP posted. If it’s still an issue, OP can send a follow-up email.

Anyone who launched the game during a short window had an incorrect filter until they restarted their game. Additional safety precautions in place to make sure it does not happen again.