Just got an SSD. Anything I should put on it? Do with it? Any suggested software or apps in general?


I downloaded my traditional shit. Brave Browser, Discord, Discord PTB, Spotify, Steam, Notepad++, Malwarebytes, Graphics Drivers, Chipset Drivers, etc.

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Moved out of Meta since this hasn’t anything to do with SDG.

How large is the SSD? Is it a small 512 GB, or something larger like 2 TB? I’m assuming it’s at least a TB since you’ve put your traditional stuff on it, but it sounds like you’re still running a HD also?


Super Alt+F4, Lightshot, f.lux are must-haves for me.

Paint.net / GIMP are also pretty good if you don’t have any paid alternatives.


luckily for me I have the most superior image editting program


What are all these

I already have GIMP installed cuz I’m boss :sunglasses:

Sometimes programs just refuse to quit in an quick manner for whatever reason. SuperF4 is like the difference between using Alt+F4 versus opening up Task Manager to kill something. I just open Task Manager though.

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Super Alt F4 instantly closes programs, a lot of applications are programmed to ignore Alt F4, so Super Alt F4 just, does it anyways.

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Escape From Tarkov


fuck no wtf am i dumb


Something like PeaZip or something to open .rar and .zip files.

Lightshot is a highly convenient and quicker alternative to Snipping Tool that allows one to take snippets of their screen with a single keystroke, and adjust it to their liking before either copying it to clipboard or saving as a file, offline or online. Basic edits can also be made to these snippets.

f.lux is a visual overlay that synchronizes with your local sunrise/sunset patterns to adjust the color and warmth of your display, and helps a lot if you want to minimize eye strain and keep your Circadian rhythms uninterrupted during late hours.

Both are free and simple utilities.


Starbound bois


Starbound depends on weather or not you think that game is either slightly or massively a disappointment.

Make sure all your boot drives are on your SSD and not your HDD, but that might require you to reset your PC. Other than that 1TB is a lot of space to work with, and if you’re only planning essentials go for games you most commonly play, transfer your picture and video files over to that for faster shitposting, KanColle season 1, Gyazo and GIMP are two programs I run pretty frequently and would highly recommend. BetterDiscord has it’s ups and downs depending on what functions you need but I find it to lag quite heavily after updates. Other than that, most others have covered a lot of the programs I use already.

@Syero lmao I just cracked Creative Cloud 2018 and AutoDesk since I need to use those programs every couple weeks/months so why not. Vegas is trash though and I’m never using that over Premiere Pro ever again.

Installed windows on the SSD


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System restore points, have a partition for VMs and/or dual-booting


put homework and porn in same folder so there’s not 2 homework folders. that was my first mistake. make sure the ssd is protected. make sure you are protected. advice from pro.

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Pro at what? Getting in trouble by your parents?

somewhat almost

Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.

I wonder why so many people hate the game so much.

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