Keep the KILLS on Kill Counters after trading the skins!

The kills are reseted after trading any skin from unturned, make it possible to keep them on the gun, this will kinda change the prices a bit.


Selling : 10 million kills Orange hells fury


It’ll just be a mess in the marketplace with every skin having a different amount. CS:GO does the same, once the owner changes the stats are back to zero. It shall stay that way.


That is a bad idea imho.
Not only would it allow people to just buy skins with kill counters on them that in no way reflect what they actually did but it would also open all kids of doors I’d rather remain closed.
What would be the next step? Allowing people to transfer kill counters from item to item without it resetting?
Buying kills for the kill counters?

I agree, and I am also pretty sure Volvo wouldn’t be able, let alone willing to facilitate that.
Well, willing maybe.

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0.02 ​​​​​

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