Kerbal Space Program 2!

Gotta say this is pretty epic.



jesus fucking christ i am not even going to give this shitty game a chance. This piece of crap trailer ruined it for me. What kind of space simulation game has a trailer with SOUND IN FUCKING SPACE! Not even gonna bother watching past five seconds smh 0/10


Holy shit that looks good

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Can I get an F?

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As you can tell by my name, I play kerbal space program a lot definitely don’t play ksp at all, so when I heard this announcement, I immediately began shaking in excitement expressed my extreme disappointment to my family. I’m really excited about the colonies I hate every aspect of this game and will be immediately buying it at launch will never purchase it. 10/10 0/10


I love colonies too, but also really hyped for multiplayer except for that I don’t have friends to play with. The graphics also look great. Just generally really hyped but IT COSTS $88.61! They deserve the money for a great game though.

p i r a c y

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Wouldn’t want to cheat them of the money. Making a game is hard work!

I mean, $60 USD is the typical price of a AAA game, and based on how much time i’ve spent on the original, I’m definitely up for paying that much for KSP2.

On a side note, when the game comes out, we should make a forum server and name colonies after community leaders >:)

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@Yarrrr’s gonna be out here being a space pirate


yarr will rendezvous with your ship and siphon your entire fuel (and bean) supply


No not the beans!

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