'Keyboard Hook' for Unity

Add keyboard hook for Unturned




Assuming I’ve understood what you’re suggesting: I know that plugin creators have asked for more keys that players can use, but I haven’t seen anyone request for a mod hook like that (besides this one).

Could you (or someone else wanting this) share what you are trying to do / what this modding feature would be useful for?

He probably wants to control the shape of the vehicle. At present, some vehicle MODs can only control the door switch animation by O key.


First, it would give more options for visually changing the car, we could use it to open doors, roll up windows, turning on / off the turn signals, etc. But at the same time, manipulations with the components of the unit could give us the opportunity to implement an ignition or gear shifting system or globally change the behavior of transport in all aspects. The scope of this feature is very wide and will be very useful for the evolution of modding in terms of cars only. But it could also be used while holding any objects in the hands, such as weapons. In theory, there could be a bind just for additional animations that are only available for some keys. We could go to the level of some things, like in Unturned 4.0, and bring to the game a lot of all sorts of interesting additions that the human imagination would generate simply on the basis of having more keys to interact with. Once upon a time, Dogfood implemented a rock-paper-scissors game on standard keys, and in fact he could do it through the very hook that we are talking about now. Well, now I would like to describe an approximate design of how it should look. Let it be a script that responds to pressing some keys while holding an object / taking the position of a driver or passenger in a vehicle. This thing could have a little UI at the bottom right indicating that this prefab (item/vehicle) is using this hook and would suggest keys and also provide a description of them that we could edit. For example “[H] “Lower windows in vehicle””


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