Kills_Player condition

How to use Kills_Player condition?

seems like you use it the same way you’d use other conditions on the NPC system.

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I tried set NPCs but it’s dont worked.
I use command, but I’m not sure that I did it right.

Condition_1_Type Kills_Player
Condition_1_Value 10

Can someone share an example of a finished NPCs?

press j
type /i 107
i think its self explanatory

why do you need the /kill commands?
is this for good or bad?

Kill is not a command, it’s a condition. OP is trying to make a quest that requires killing a set number of players.


ohhh shit well…

Condition_0_Type Kills_Player
Condition_0_ID (Just like how Kills_Zombie and Kills_Horde have another ID)
Condition_0_Value (How many players need to be killed)

It should work very similar to the Kills-Animal quest and the Kills_Zombie quest. But just without the animal ID, zombie type and nav.

You can’t test it though because you need other players with you to test it

If it’s about NPC giving quest about killing other people. At least it should’ve been more specified if that player needs to has a good or bad reputation.

Didn’t know if Unturned could do that though.

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Maybe that can be added, that the quest condition can specify the type of player

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