Knee and elbow pads

This can be a good idea?

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I don’t see why not, they’d be the first piece of armor i grabbed in a zombie apocalypse assuming it’s my house where i don’t own a plate carrier. my only issue is how effective they’d be. it would be weird to make them just protect your entire limbs, but if they only protected what they actually touch they wouldn’t protect much.

can you evaluate

I don’t see why it shouldn’t be a thing.
Knee pads and elbow pads are everywhere, especially at skate parks and other sport locations.
I’m guessing, the only way to make them have an actual armor capability without it becoming non-sense, is fall damage reduction. When you fall and you don’t absorb all the shock with your legs, you often fall on your arms or you fall forwards, where your knees, elbows and hands touch the ground. Maybe 2.5% decrease for gloves, knee pads and elbow pads sounds good to me, you’ll end up with 7.5% fall damage reduction, which seems like a good amount. Or, we can have it at 5% each, which ends at 15% fall damage decrease with knee pads, elbow pads and gloves. I don’t think there should be higher tiers of these, they all accomplish the same thing.

Also @BraydenBomb i think you meant “elaborate”


seems like a cool thing

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Improvised armor is nice, though what clothing slot would they take? I mean protective pads are the only thing that goes to a unique area (Knee, Elbow, Shoulder) and there’s no point adding a new slot for 1 specific thing.

Unless something is added to make it work individually (Or use an existing slot somehow), they would probably already be integrated in certain clothing or exist as part of a ‘heavy’ variant of one (e.g. Military clothing, utility worker clothing, sport gear).


I’d say attach the pads to clothing like how you can already insert armor plates into vests.

Clothing that would have them would simply spawn with them already attached. If the intention is that they cannot be removed in any way for a certain item, maybe have a feature that disables direct access to those slots.


Ah that makes more sense now. Though concerning accessory slots in clothing like vests they’ll probably restricted to such items so you cant stuff in anything in them.


Well. I think that it would be great if we had some Dying Light elements (such as parkour and zombies that are more relentless of chasing you and you can’t easily one shoot it). So then you could equip them to make climbing and fleeing from zombies that you can’t defeat with the gear you have easier.

My favorite clothing system by far has to be C:DDA. It has slots for feet, legs, torso, arms, hands, neck, mouth, eyes and head. You can pretty much layer infinitely like wearing 5 jeans, but it Encumbers you, and encumbrance on various body parts do different things.

(wearing a mask and a bandana and a motorcycle helmet encumbers mouth and makes it hard to breath causing less stamina regen, encumbrance on torso makes you off balance and have less chance to dodge in melee, arm and hand encumbrance makes you less accurate with melee and ranged, leg and feet encumbrance makes you move and dodge slower, etc.)

Obviously since C:DDA is ASCII/sprites, you can easily do this system without worrying about the looks, but in a 3D game like UII you’d have major clipping, (also the game’s melee/ranged system is a RNG RPG system which lends itself to things like lower hit chance from torso encumbrance) but i still think this system is superior to all others. In all honesty i hate games that just have shirt, pants, shoes, hat etc slots, like wth why can my character not wear jeans under his greaves? Is it really so hard to layer a knit hat under my shrapnel helmet?

The niceness in C:DDA’s system is you can have a huge variety in equipment. Instead of a “shirt” or “torso armor” armor slot you just have Torso and Arms, so you can wear a t-shirt, and a sweater, and a leather cuirass, and, of course, some elbow pads, and you’ll be encumbered a good bit in exchange.

(off-topic but i also prefer C:DDA’s inventory system with simply weight and volume stats, and there’s no real reason that wouldn’t work in 3D.)

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i really liked that , i hope so you will get like that.

That’s a really really cool thing to have in the game, well as long as it doesn’t replace your pants lol.

This sounds really cool actually. If you got kneepads for example, you could drag them onto the pants in the inventory panel, which would add them to the pants and not take up a slot.

Other things could exist too, like belts with things that could be mounted to them, such as holsters adding extra weapon space, and pouches that could give a small amount of storage.


I think it’d also be possible to load up forearm and shin guards with armour plating. While it’s doable, it slows down your ADS, and bullets hitting your arm will impact your aim a bit more.

Further, the tougher armour you take, you’ll either sacrifice threat level or durability, or weight. Maybe two of them.

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