L0rd N0ls0n neds hell B ! !1!

L0rd Ness Lon was wakling in campig plac sudnelly a moo taunt zomboo appers

wil u hell B l0rd NO! lson ? ? ?


pretty shit tbh

i like the nelson model tho

ok what the fuck

that Nelson model tho

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I think that Nelson model was used a while ago in a thread about Nelson’s vacation.


Yea, last time I checked, he got assaulted by Nicholas cage on that cruze ship, none of us helped him.

Recovery took awhile.


You’re right I’m gonna stop overuse cuz It will die and people will stop like it.

Here what about the new L0rd Ness lon:
Do u like it?

Sorry to say it but he looks like a generic survivor…

at least made something from my mind. (Or not.)

and I used to see Nelson as generic survivor.

dear god what have I started

you started to watch Shit posts and… Realize what is the meaning of life.

… can you please elaborate?

You figured out that the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42.

Is it okay? If I could make a sequel to Nelson’s Vacation?

Sure (aaaaaaa)

can you port these to VRchat, asking for a friend :ok_hand:

excuse me. I created Nelson’s vacation and I should be the one to say sure


Well “I” said “Sure (aaaaaaa)” if you want to get all specific about it.

So no, I did not just say, “Sure”.

Get your facts straight!

K. That means I will make more of Nelson’s Vacations Model.