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Which language will the game be localized to? I’m asking for the official translation.

English will be, it’s understandable, but Nelson is going to translate the game into another language, for example, in Russian?


i have seen a russsian file in unturned in a languages files so yes ithink unturned will be translated in russian!

In addition, this has a positive effect on the popularity of the game :slight_smile:

i’d imagine 4.x’s localization will be like 3.x’s, where the game will start off as english only and will slowly get more translations from members of the community

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I do not want this :frowning:

i…don’t see what’s wrong with it, exactly? most of unturned’s playerbase at least understands english anyways, and it’s unlikely that nelson can speak a non-english language well enough to accurately translate all the text in the game. would you rather he use google translate to localize the game or something?


…i don’t quite think you understood my original comment. that’s basically what 3.0 did, but instead of using some third party program he used the steam workshop (or maybe people just sent the translations to him directly, it was one of those two)

Translation workshop - a complete fan. Quality translation is poor, in addition, you can not translate the inscription editor (objects, etc.). Nelson does not know the language, but clearly there are people who want to translate the game. They just need to talk to Nelson. Yes, English games are not complicated, but the native language always warms the soul.


English will be, it’s understandable, but Nelson is going to translate the game into another language, for example, in Russian?


Hopefully we are able to make our own translations and send’em for approval, cant wait to make a portuguese translation for unturned :thinking: :brazil:


As an option. Let him check and officially release) :ukraine:

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Rather use that :portugal:


Crowdin only works well for languages that don’t have any variants, for the ones that do it’s a complete mess.

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The most common languages have lots of variants, so…

English, Japanese, Russian. That’s enough.

Why just those three? I don’t think leaving out the rest of the population would be smart for sales.

Ancient Greek.

No game is translated for every language. It’s an incredibly unrealistic expectation, especially if we’re talking about community-made non-professional translations.

Ya’know what? Yeh. I accept these as valid just because of Ancient Greek.

My post is determined to be a reply to one of yours. :confused:

@anon13752215 no language immediately comes to mind that has no variants. (If you can think of a language, then by all means list it.) At that point, however, people generally do what they feel would be consistently the best option. Or, they do extremely popular lects if it’s really important.

(For example: Quebec French and French. Quebec French would just be less likely to be added. Both could be added anyways, and terms used in Quebec French would just be as widely-accepted as possible (staying away from slang and anything considered basilectal) since there are varieties for that also.)

Since basically every language has varieties and slang and such, it’s not a big concern. It’d be about as difficult as translating something into English. Varieties aren’t a huge concern. :+1:

iirc the flag jerseys were added in two batches, with the selection of the flags based on the major player-bases for Unturned. I can’t remember if the second batch was less major than the first batch, however. I could be entirely wrong about the correlation in general.

The first batch would be the USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, the UK, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, Norway, Turkey, and Denmark.

The second batch would’ve been the Netherlands, Ukraine, Argentina, the Philippines, Chile, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea, Romania, Mexico, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Portugal, and Finland (and Pirates, YARRR!).

Popular translations typically include German, English (UK and US), Spanish (a Latin American variety and/or Spain), French, Italian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Korean.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve never seen an incredibly active Japanese community for Unturned. The predominant languages seem to be English, Russian, and Spanish. I feel that going in order of the largest communities (if it was to be done professionally or expected to be updated constantly, of course, if it was all community-ran Workshop-mod style then it hardly would matter) would make the most sense.

English (–> English varieties?) –> Russian –> Spanish (–> Spanish varieties?) –> German –> French –> Polish –> Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) –> Japanese, Turkish, other popular language translations that correlate to jersey flags –> Vietnamese and Hungarian (and other known small communities)

(There’s likely analytics for game developers to see where your player-base is coming from, so taking a guess really isn’t needed on my part. Just wanted to point out the languages that’d make the most sense.)


That’s exactly what I said tho’.

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É muito bom ver um colega de nação no meio de tantos gringos falando em inglês, e ver que você participa bem no fórum. Ah e eu vi o post sobre o mapa do RJ, realmente seria uma coisa fantástica se o Nelson implementasse isso. :relaxed::brazil:

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Obrigado! :+1::brazil:

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