Latest Shitshow in gaming


Welp, heres your friendly neighbohood gaming news caster thing boy here telling you the latest shitshow in gaming.

Welp, Ea got in more shit for not giving a refund to a player. It is unknown why they wont give a refund but its certainly shitty of them to do this. One possible theory i have in mind is that there making refunds non eligible for the micro transactions or keeping a fan base alive when it should prolly be dead at this point

EDIT: heres a video talking about it if you dont want to read.


I thought the latest shitshow would be on Fortnite but okay



I read the Reddit comments a couple of days ago and a majority of them misunderstand the issue OP is having, the discussions going on between OP and customer support, and what customer support services actually do for EA (or any company) and the role they play in the EA ecosystem.

Basically, don’t acknowledge the comments too much.





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