Leaked cut footage of the new vehicle devlog



where we dropping




That’s not an event to make a stupid joke out of. Like really. That’s just messed up.

Like really. Making a joke about 9/11?

In case anybody doesn’t understand, the car is supposed to represent a plane, in a sort of way. And the towers are the world trade center. Which 2 planes crashed into from a terrorist attack, killing thousands.


As much as I like humor, this is true.

Probably not a good idea to meme on one of the most tragic events in world history.


Ah… dark humor.



vroom vroom :sunglasses:


saying this as if 9/11 memes aren’t the most popular “lol triggered” memes

it’s almost like you thrive off of taking bait


yo really? I had NO idea this was about 911.


C’mon, people still get offended by 9/11 memes? I get it if you like live in Manhattan or if you had any relatives that were affected but seriously? It happened more than 16 years ago. The things that happened in Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11 were way worse than any attack you could imagine, yet I don’t see anyone complaining when someone makes memes about MUH USA OIL INVASION XD


(literally) tilted towers.

I think people joke about 9/11 as a way to keep it alive. what I’m saying is probably bs, but my teacher does the same with a student that died (F) so… I guess this could be a similar case?


i don’t get why everyone’s talking about 9/11, this is just leaked cut footage from the new devblog where nelson drives a car around 2001 new york :sunglasses:


Elon Musk is that you?


Look everyone, making jokes about a terrorist attack that killed thousands of people still isn’t good. No matter what. Yes, people don’t really tall about stuff that happened in other countries but STILL.

Why are you guys trying to justify someone making a joke about thousands of people dying. I’m disgusted by all of you.

Not even gonna go into all the things morally wrong with you guys acting like its funny.


dark humour is a form of acceptable comedy and complaining about how it’s morally wrong isn’t going to do much on a thread where most of the people there are enjoying the joke

whoops i meant to say

2001 toyota corolla :sunglasses: car


Yes, maybe it is a sort of joke… But I’m still disgusted by the fact people would laugh at this.

Here, let me explain.

You make a joke about 9/11

You talk about 9/11

You’re still talking about the same thing. So… Why laugh at one and not the other?

A few words. That’s all.

Here, look at these two.

“2 planes fly into some towers.”
Nobody laughs.

“2 cars fly into some towers”
People think its funny.

One word change, and you wouldn’t be laughing.


Also, I used to respect a few people here. Not anymore.


not understanding dark humour to this degree

getting baited by literally yourself to this degree

this is an anomaly of nature


bro two planes bro :sunglasses::joy:

see, the thing is that’s how all jokes work
if you change one word then the joke isn’t funny anymore
gamers rise up wouldn’t be funny if it was just gamers up
it works the same whether the joke’s about gamers or 9/11


I give up. Either you guys are idiots or think jokes like this are fine. I don’t care anymore. I’ve told you guys this is wrong, but you all still refuse to accept it.

I just hope you all will learn soon that 13 years really isn’t that long.

And everyone that was watching TV on that day was affected. Not just the people who knew someone in those towers.