Leeked 4.0 enemie




i put full responsibility on molts long lost brother Morton


Mainstream media loves ugandan knuckles
i’d tell ya


Please stop

  1. Posted before

  2. What a shitty “”“meme”""

  3. Not even original

  4. Have I mentioned how awful this post is?


if that was a real thing

I’d have more dislikes than likes


I actually really wish we had a dislike button. It could be used to deny people regular, hide posts by bringing them to the bottom of people’s feeds, etc, and would help keep low quality content off the forums.


But we could also have these damn trolls that just dislike everything for “fun”,that’s gonna be a problem.


inb4 “Hater” achievement added.


this is why I KOS.


guys i found another leeked enemie

Aj Sans
nooby your really right
my posts are really going downhill


stop deleting posts coward


alright fine


Hey disgrace. Use the HD version.


Yea I tried…
And it got fucked up in pixlr


@NarcolepticHound May I commit genocide now?

Look at the bright side, you’ll have food for weeks.


[10 char limit]


Aj sans will beat you before you can genocide everyone


He will just use a flamethrower.


I’m shit-proof.

If I can beat up a tank, I can kill anyone >:3


aj sans has green power Armour

you cant kill him because its green