Let Go of the past

I’ve being seeing people complaining that this cant be done because its not how it was done in 3 for a while now. It’s become really obvious when I see people talking about the new character models and wanting to go back to how it was because its iconic, but this model was new at one point as well. This shows that it is pointless to hold on to something for its iconic value as anything will become iconic over time. This mentality is actually harmful to the game because if we do not change any features then the game can never get better.

Unturned 4 is a sequel but its still its own game, we should embrace this for the new opportunities it offers.


Some bits of the artstyle is preferable to be mostly unchanged by people. You can’t argue against that, if the developer himself chose such design and people mostly approves it then it’s fine.

Dunno why you chose that title, people pretty much want Unturned II to be drastically different to Unturned in terms of gameplay design. The player model is probably the only thing that is mostly unchanged compared to the previous game. Gun naming conventions too, and maybe other small things.

In other words, there is nothing wrong with keeping minimalistic stuff. People just want to appreciate the game’s recognisable aspects.


Technically yes, but not really. Nelson had just greatly improved upon the model used in previous iterations. Similarly, the current U4 model is a great improvement over the one in U3.

In terms of the general aesthetic idea, however, (the "blocky Minecraft/Roblox art-style, as some people describe the character) has not changed. That does not mean the model hasn’t changed. That does not mean Nelson hasn’t improved the rigging.

The art style isn’t limiting the game’s features, nor the ability for the game to get better.

Just by reading through the forum, you will see that this mentality doesn’t dominate. People are open to new ideas. People actively suggest new ideas that deviate from the previous iterations of the game. Suggesting otherwise doesn’t make sense, because it’s just not true.

What is true, however, is that people like Unturned for its art style. Scrapping the art style for something entirely different is not enticing to those people (of which I assume to be the majority). What makes more sense is improving upon that art style, which is what U4 has done so far with the models for guns, clothing, objects, denizens, etc.


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