Let's camp!

Using tents like temporary home are great but considered that they are of fabric do not protect from bullets and can easily torn with sharp objects, animals like bears and wolves attack the campgrounds that do not have campfires, to cook at the campfire you need to put the fish in a twig and leave on the campfire and expect to cook this is worth to meats of all animals, find camping camps in food like dried fruits and marshmelow also find first aid kits that come with one or two bandages, antibiotics and cotton that is useful to let slow blood loss if the bandages are over, camping backpacks with plenty of space and repellent to ward off insects that can transmit diseases but most of them only give 1% damage except for bees that can give 2%, we can also taste nature food like honey from hives in this case bears may try to steal the honey, wild fruits that do not give even a made collateral like nausea or getting crazy are harmless as blackberries, franboise and strawberries, get fruit from trees use herbs like medicinal plants in the camp can have a book with photos of medicinal plants and poisonous plants.

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Nice but complicated idea, it will take some time for Nelson to do this…
If he approves.

Please formatting man.

This is just a text wall…


Pretty fair, though those are mostly for sleeping or resting, and have little to no space for other commodities.

Campfires and fire sources in general driving away predators would be a nice thing, but it shouldn’t be like as if being in the darkness will automatically lead every single aggresive wild animal towards you.

Mosquitoes seem like over overkilling it and shouldn’t really represent a major risk for the player, so their addition would be pretty pointless IMO, while bees would be a fairly good and useful addition.

Also, better foraging has been requested before and I hope it’s being considered, since there was so much that 3.0 is missing on that matter.

And please...



flashback to 1.X nights being full of zombies

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