Let's make grenades explode with your pins!

Its a idea to affect any object with the capacity of ignition by heat probabily because a shoot or other factor.
like one granade in the floor receive a shoot and she explodes.
Or you hits a grenade in the air and she explodes.
this reaction go happen to:

  • Flashbangs
  • Frag Granade
  • Smoke Grenade (Yes hes need ignicion by heat)

  • Maybe with the Gas Can
  • Maybe with C4
  • Maybe with a rocket

whatch your opnion about this?


First: It’s “It” not “She”
Second:I think this a little good.

Completely agreed, I also want something like this :slight_smile:

It’s unrealistic because grenades use a type of plastic explosive, which doesn’t explode with heat. You would die in many stupid ways as well, "AH CRAP I ACCIDENTALLY STEPPED ON MY FIRE…-explosion sound-
The only thing I agree with is the gascans.


in the true the system to activate the grenades are made by a fluid
that is released and enter in contact with other fluid (or by a Fuse) reacting with this giving hot and reacting with a explosive which can vary further is activated by heat.

The grenade smokes is a mixture of sugar and KNO3
(sodium nitrate) melted and mixed anything make in your home but Leave the pot too hot go transform you house in a
toxic smoke field

The flashbangs are magnesiun + gunpowder + aluminion or other metal to give a noise

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i dont like you idea just tell why dont, dont use terms of realistic remember this is a game not your life or you believe in zombies??

Gas cans must be explodable on 4.0.

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Realistically speaking, it shouldn’t be in the game, if Unturned is going for more realism-based mechanics.
Shooting an explosive won’t make it explode, unless it’s ignited by a spark, the pressure from the bullet hitting it is big enough to cause an explosion or the explosive substance is really volatile.
Shooting a grenade would actually just break it and possibly defuse it. A spark won’t be enough to ignite a grenade, since that is set off with a detonator, which consist of an easier-to-ignite explosive. So, a grenade is set off from an explosion, not a spark. Shooting it with incendiary MIGHT work, but at this point, it’s pointless to code just 1 ammo type for that. Flashbangs don’t even have an explosive material (one that would cause damage), so not a chance here. Shooting a Smoke Grenade with an incendiary round MIGHT work, don’t know about normal bullets. Gas Can might work, but again, needs a spark powerful enough to light the gasoline, which i’m not sure that a bullet can produce. C4 won’t be set off by a normal bullet, but would be detonated by an incendiary (thanks, MythBusters!) A rocket is effectively C4 in a casing, which is propelled, so i’m going with a “No” on this one, too. Plus, it’s hard to shoot a rocket, so i doubt it’s necessary.

Unless Nelson is going to exaggerate these things, it won’t happen. It’s all up to Nelson.


Umm…I don’t understand from the language barrier. But, unturned 4 is going to a pretty realistic survival game…

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