Lets Transform Zombies! in 4.0

Principle of idea, in 3.0

  • You have already passed through several zombies and left unharmed?
  • The zombie of more hit you is the “runner”?
  • The zombie of more kill you is the “Crawler”?

The response of all this is yes! Or you not is a real player on this game.

i go place my suggestions to solve this things. Starting about common zombies

  • he is the more easy of kill because you dont need change the direction of you view give a low damage, anything is easy scape of many because is just run in the mid of many of their.

Before i place my opnion of normal zombie i go talk off crawler and runner.

  • Really are irritant zombies principaly the runner because is easy him hit you in a hand to hand combat but hes have a special in your slots, thing of the normal zombie don`t have the runner have speed and the crawler have the size and damage.

my opnion about the normal zombie to create a combo is wen hes approaches of you hes go slow you to other zombies pick more advantage solving this 3 problems.

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What did I just read


I don’t know why, but I was reading this with a Russian accent.


just keep the 3.0 zombie face.

Google Translate would probably do a better job.

I Can’t even understand what your saying here.

The response of all this is “?”


“Starting about common zombies?”
Should be “Starting with common zombies.”
Yes common Zombies should always be the easiest to kill


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Am I the only one here who finds his broken English very similar to Polandball English?

Already suggested multiple and I believe it’s on the trello bud.


(I just thought of it, we need a unturned zombie emoj, now who is with me?)


The difference is polandball english adds humor to it and makes sense because the country balls that speak it typically don’t speak english by default


This guy apparently doesn’t speak English by default! I meant similar by being broken in a similar way, like the usage of words “Of” and “many”.

What the hell is this ?


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what did I just read ???

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The response of all this is yes! Or you not is a real player on this game.

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