LFT for Curated Map Project

Ever wanted to make a Curated Map?

Right now I am looking to build a team for a Curated Map project! I have multiple ideas on what I want to do, and I would like to bring in some people to help out with the project!

If you do want to help out, please leave a comment on this post or DM me on Discord (Paladin#1503) with the following:

  1. Your Discord Username (if you’re leaving a comment on this thread)
  2. Previous Experience. What modding experience do you have? (if you have any workshop mods please link them)
  3. Are you willing to commit to the long process of making a curated map. Both previous maps I have been apart of have taken almost a year to complete, and some might take longer. Are you willing to commit to that?

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on discord or leave a comment here as well.
(also yes I did make another post like this a few minutes previously but I accidentally hit create topic before it was completed)

In case you were wondering why I'm LFT...

All other members of the Smile Dev (Easter Island team) are currently working on other projects, so I’m basically on my own.


I sure as hell have wanted to do this for a long time, but I can’t even model on blender so I’m a disappointment to humanity.

I’ll go learn how to actually contribute to society, then come back.


Interested to see where this goes. What kind of map are you thinking of at the moment?


I have multiple ideas, a few of them I’ve shared before I think. I might want to revive the Colorado map from my Colorado Devlogs that I made over a year ago, or I might want to do something new. I have a few map layouts in various states of completion in my maps folder that might become something, but I want to form a team first and get their inputs if possible

  1. dankaby2#2557
  2. i can make maps i can use the legacy map editor and also code NPC’s
  3. no

thankyou danaby2

  1. aden#0138

  2. uh I’m really good with interior decoration and overall building/object design
    I can’t model very well but if you give me the assets I ask for I can make the map look really good

  3. okay I would definitely work on the map every chance I get except…
    my parents are divorced so that means shitty visit schedules, the only time I can work is when I’m at my father’s (my pc is there) and that’s usually every weekend + thursday

I don’t care if it takes over a year, I’d still do it


I couldn’t live with myself if I worked on a curated map

  1. Spebby#3746
  2. i can do
  3. heavy odyssey part 2 gap
  1. Я| Armaros#1710
  2. Moreso looking to learn in an active environment, but I have extremely basic modeling skills and was involved in quite a few mods that never made it past the concept or development points (Maine, Unturned Community Weapons Project, I assisted in the storyline for North America, and Ammo v2.0)
  3. I’m a bored college student who sits at his computer for far too long every day who’s also looking to improve my skills and have some fun along the way, so yes.
  1. Domi4nex#0986
  2. Helping in updating Rust map (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1809254358&searchtext=rust+reformed) basicly Im level designer but i can do some models (my skills in making models are not very good).
  3. yes

Here’s four suggestions for a Curated map

  1. Missouri
    My home state in all it’s glory. There’s a lot of farming in the North, it has some notable structures such as the St. Louis Arch, and the National World War I Museum plus it’s a state with quite the gun culture. It’s also the state I know the most about being that it’s my home state. As well as two largest cities on opposite sides of the State.

For example. Mormons believe that the Garden of Eden was in Jackson County, MO. (It’s not an exaggeration, it’s on the Mormon website) There’s also a thing where my home state expelled the Mormons during the 1838 Mormon War but we don’t remember much about it. So it could make for an interesting map with Easter Eggs about the history of Missouri.

Another interesting fact is that Missouri has it’s own dialect of French, called Missouri French.

That, and I already made a sketch for the map. This is a proposed idea for a large Missouri Map that I made.

2. Indiana
Cool state that could be interesting to make a map on. Also, a random state I named on the top of my head.
3. Florida
I want to see how Florida Man survived the apocalypse. Also, Didney Worl (because copyright issues, shh). Also, the Southern option because parts of the United States need some maps. I mean come on.
4. New York
It’s the home of the largest city in the United States, there’s also Niagara Falls and Buffalo.

Also, I believe someone already made a Colorado map on the workshop.


Florida is wonderful, I vote Florida.


The problem with central US maps is that they’re very flat, and wouldn’t be interesting to play on without taking some huge liberties

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  1. NeverPlayPubg#2571
  2. I have very little of experience in creating Unturned 3.0 maps, and yes English is not my main language so I think that I’m not suitable for creating curated maps.
  3. yes

ah yes the usual creative process behind curated maps


Then why even bother replying :sdg_wizard:?


Cuz I’m reatrded.


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Thank you everyone for your interest! I have dm’d the members I’ve chosen on discord. Stay tuned for more in the future!

OK thx for this topic