Light and Waterx2 Idea for 4.0

Make the usage of flashlights more risky, by making it so that shining flashlight’s on or in front of zombie’s by a certain radius can alert them to the light.

Also, make it so that if the flashlight or zombie is underwater, it will just shine a light and nothing else.

And please make zombie’s not hyrdophobic.

This is a l4d reference isn’t it?

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Nah I actually didn’t even remember that till you said it.

It be kinda funny if when you died or there was a zombie representing and infected survivor, if you had one quipped or the zombie does, the zombie will just carry around the flashlight with it turned on. TBH, a horde could form that way.


I like the idea that lights can be used to attract zombies, but I don’t think that the most important factor should be how close to the front of the zombie the spotlight is. Some other important factors would be:

  • How bright does the light appear at that distance? (If you’re halfway across the map, the cone of light from a flashlight is wide enough that it’s very likely to point at a zombie, but the zombie shouldn’t be attracted to this.)
  • How bright does that light appear compared to other light sources? (If you can’t see whether or not your flashlight is on because it’s overpowered by the Hawaiian sunlight or an array of floodlights, then the flashlight shouldn’t be what causes zombies to come after you.)
  • Is the light flashing on or has it been on steadily? Is the light moving, and how quickly is it moving? (A player running around while swinging a strobe light should be far more likely to attract zombies than a bit of light escaping through a window or door. The moment you flick a light on or swing it around a corner should be suspenseful and risky, but if simply having the light on caused that same amount of risk, no one would ever use lights in the first place.)
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If the sun in the game point’s at the player with the flashlight up, it will negate all attraction effect’s.

Or maybe if you shine a powerful enough light at a zombie, there is a chance to temporarily stun them

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Look someone said this about another post that had the stunning suggestion

Stunning zombies does not have the same problems as stunning players.

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