Lighter, Softer, and RAM Friendly game

Hey there.

I have 600+ Hours playing Unturned as my favorite game. There was a lot of problem was going on the 3.0, and that is

-Slow loading
-RAM waster (4 GB ram is enough tho, but…)
-and other things that refer to PC performance

Unturned only take 4.5/4.6 GB in my hard drive, but it feels like i load a 10 GB+ games. It’s so Frustating if i wanna ALT+TAB the game (Discord gamer hehe…)

And that’s my opinion about the game, and for Nelson. Don’t dissapoint us again at Unturned 4.0

Thanks all :smiley:

I can guarantee you it’s either your PC is a potato or it’s the infamous 3.0 Spaghetti code. If it’s the latter then expect 4.0 to be less taxing, with or without the suggestion to lighten the load. If it’s the first, fix that on your own accord.

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It is planned that he would try to optimize the game in a way that it doesn’t load everything in every session, which the current game does. Quicker loading times is probably guaranteed, performance and RAM may be still worked on


Your slow loading times may be because of how many mods you have. 2 pages take up 40% of the game to load.

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If its faster. It’s a good news then.

btw don’t consult my pc… it hurts :wink:

It’s not Nelson who disappointed us. It’s the kids in the community that kept begging for more PvP and guns like the little spoiled brats they are. They are the ones that ruined 3.x, because now when I click on “Internet”, all i see is kits, tpa, home, vault, premium, vip… like wtf?! These kids get kits to take a shortcut to get loot and still nag about the game being boring. They buy VIP kits and get access to tons of shit. Since when did Unturned become a Pay2Win??
I really hope with 4.x’s more complex survival mechanics, there would be less kids. Not to mention, hoping 4.x is a paid game.

And as 101 said, 4.x is going to be on a different engine which allows Nelson to rework the mistakes he did in 3.x so people won’t nag about optimization. That, or you have a poo poo PC


I sure hope it does
I hope nelson was watching robokast. He will finds the answers

Not to point fingers but Rocket definitely helped in this. Without rocket, kits, TPA, /home, etc would not be possible. For sure this was not the intention but it happened anyways.

I seriously hope 4.0 stays away from PVP as much as possible.

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Fortunately at least Nelson has addressed all our concerns directly about 4.0 being more PvE/survival centered.


2- your pc is bad (it can be more bad)

3- it is REALLY slow loading because it loads EVERYTHING at the same time.

I like spaghetti

Keep it relevant, please

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