Lighting of model placemets

in unturned 2.0 unturned lighting came from models in unturned 3.0+ its comes from the payers face/camera and it looks weird.
when the gun with tac light on it is pointed left and the light is pointing forward
???why unity???
nelson pls fix

Wa… what?

In 2.0, when you sprinted with a gun that had a laser dot/tactical light attached the the barrel, the light node and the red-dot would go off to the side realistically. 3.0, for some reason, still doesn’t have this implemented correctly.

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What would really be cool is having flashlights work like they do in Tarkov.

When we look closer at the newest Devlog, we can see that when you sprint, the laser points where the gun points. Thats an improvement and I think that Nelson will fix the lights soon, too.