Like spammer containment breach


It has come to our attention that several like spammers May have breached containment. suspects are @Stone and @Cryptogram along with a few others. This may also be them trying to spam like their way to regular status but that is unknown information at the time.

Could we get a containment team down here?

Containment breach

Yes this is a joke, what did you think. Though these guys ARE liking a lot of posts.


New people trying to become a regular and threatening the old guards? reeee


You willing to send a task force? Or will you use a nuke


Already on it


Thanks, they have overpowered our on-site guards.


I am not a spammer or new!


Guards, we got one over here!


I will make sure to never like you again get dabbed on looser! :sunglasses:


now you just need to do the same for everyone else.


Stand aside, I know how to deal with this.


they’ve breached the control room.

I wish you all good lives.


As a reminder to Task Force units, the containment room for SDG-002 “Likespammers” instances is in Heavy Containment area S7 of Site-SDG.


I can just delete all of your accounts and be done with it :upside_down_face:


Im glad you got it.

  • Yesn’t
  • Not No
  • Yeet

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I voted before I realized every answer is basically yes.


Yesn’t means maybe


Boys, high command is reporting another one.


Ive heard someone mention my name.


I’m calling in the MTF
get fucked Stone and Cryptogram