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Will Unturned 4 still be available on Linux?

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bruh. you didnt finish the post XD

I assume that it would be the same like in 3.0

Unless linux has a “thing that’s doesn’t work in 3.0” then. Maybe.

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Who TF uses linux anyway?

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Such an interesting and captivating post lmao.

People with Linux operating system.

But yeah, Don’t think penguins can handle the heat that unturned generated with it’s spaghetti coding.
But not in 4.0 tho :slight_smile:

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Yes. Windows, Mac, and Linux all have support.

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child stop right there

you have violated the LAW

I use linux combined with Windows. Mainly windows for gaming, but pretty much linux for everything else.

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You can get win10 for peanuts and could even run it (+ unturned II) on a separate drive if you wanted to keep Linux.

HDDs also sell for peanuts

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