List Of Map Suggestions 2


Hell Yeah Another Fresh Suggestions For Nelson

1: Denmark

Little Country But Lots Of Islands With This Map You can Travel Land To Land Maybe An Infested island with lots o’ zombies or Safe lands with Safezones

2: Japan

Japan Has As Gun the Hine Komuro Country With Lots of zombies and big cities at the same time

3: United Kingdom

UK Would Have Old Culture Cities and Mostly Rain Lots of zombies.

4: Spain

Spain Would Have 2 Bosses and Minigames like Hawaii, The First Minigame Is About The ShadowStalker MK3 Executed In Madrid With A Guy Requiring Help, This Quest Will Be Really Hard, i Will Let Nelson Think About These Quests

5: Finland

Covered of Snow Would Be The Hardest Version Of Yukon This time with another minigame called "Legendary SnowBear " After You Complete The Quest You’ll Have Super Gloves That Will Be Able to One Shot Zombies With A Punch.


Idk about maps. I mean, at the end is it so inportant which map we are playing in? Does it matter which nation is being used ingame? If you think about it, it’s jus a name, usually maps don’t even look like their real life counter part so is it that important?
For me, they could all be fictional places.


Living Other Countries Culture Dude, National Food, National Flags Ecc.


It could be all fictional Imo, couldn’t care less of irl things to be in the game. Also, you could totally do like gta (san andreas anyone? Vice city?) that uses fictional names for its locations but has many references to real places.


In My Opinion That Would Look Bad


Er… sure.
I mean, it’s not like curated groups existed… Only nelson… sure…
Just… gonna post these idea and do nothing… yay… hope someone will do it… maybe so… yay…

I’m gonna leave the note of “Adding it because ‘I can virtually survive in other countries’ isn’t good enough”
(Could’ve go for the “unique experience” or “unique challenge for that map”… too late)

Also Why Capitalized Every Words except the “i”?


._. Okay…?


No. Shadowstalker. MK THREE.

Also, y would 1 punch man be in a survival game?


Was this second post really necessary? You could have just edited your original post.


I dont understand half the things you say. Why not just make one of these maps on your own? Why do you think that Nelson would see this post and think “woah yeah I’ll make all of these?” Why do you go into detail with some and then with others you just say “Mostly rain lots of zombies” and then go on to “this will have minigames and hard quests?”


What prevented you from putting all your map suggestions in one post?


UK should have no cars or knives except at military bases solely for the hot takes


Maybe just edit the last post instead of making a new post? That and we should keep in mind that 3.0 and 4.0 are different games, as a result of that, they won’t have the exact same features. That would be idiotic.


Can You Please Not Write Starting Every Word With Caps Alright Thanks


Ive Already Asked This On Another Post . Its Pointless They’re Too Far Past Redemption. This Is Worse Than Aj’s Period Thing .


Suggesting random maps isn’t going to lead anywhere.

Nelson has his own mind of what he wants to make.


no shadowstalker mk3 please thank you



Shadowstalker MK 3?
Sign me up!

Magical one-punching gloves,ummm,no thanks,this would immediately take off the harcore element of 4.0.

(And now you may ask:Hey,F1,if one punching gloves take off the harcore element of the game,you mean the shadowstalker MK 3 doesn’t?

Yeah,guns require ammo,and ammo doesn’t grow on trees)


Balanced because rare lol