Hello i have a problem with unturned im making a map. I cant open my editor and even play on my map in singleplayer problem is #LOADING_EDITOR or #LOADING_SERVER the loading screen is not removing.


devkit or no? #loading_editor and #loading_server is displaid when the game has no other text for the game to use for the loading messages. You can correct that error by adding a English.dat to the maps folder, and putting this in it.


Secure VAC Secure
Insecure VAC Insecure

Loading_Server Loading (Map) on {0} [{1}]...
Loading_Editor Loading (Map)...

Devkit has a a tendency to break maps.


Didnt work because main problem is that loading screen dont remove i can without problem move my cursor but i cant see the map itself at editor or singleplayer BUT with the other maps is all good i can join them edit and etc.


how far where you on your map


I dont say that is far but minimum 40% is done terrain, city, crashed places, small bunkers, barns and villages but i dont have dont with small details and spawning items and character.


send pictures of the maps folder.




this part




the entire folder


also, it dose seem like your using devkit, based of level.hierachy, move it out of the folder and see if that fixes things.



Okay, you made the map in devkit, for sure, move the level.hierachy out of the folder and see if it works. Do not delete it incase it dosen’t change anything (going to have to relaunch unturned for it to change anything)


Thank you so much it really helped but all my fire, toxin and water particles is removed if i will put Level.hierarchy back into maps folder will it work again or i have to make it all again?


Putting the level.hierachy back in will break the map, you will have to redo devkit particles and such. Level.hierarchy controls devkit stuff, so when you redo this it will come back, hopefully however, it won’t be broken this time around.


Okay thanks again for help! i really respect that :slight_smile: