Locations only show when you find them

Just a small suggestion. What if in hard mode or something as well as having to get a map you had to actually get to the locations before the node would show up on your map.

This would be most effective with maps that are as large as possible, encouraging the sense of adventure. Think the Fallout series, where you can see a map of all the playable area from the beginning but can only see the location markers and fast travel once you have actually been to the location in question (the only exception from this is when you get directions from an NPC, but you can only see the marker but not fast travel). (Just to clarify, I am not suggesting to add fast travel to Unturned II, the travelling around is one of my favourite bits of U3).

Anyway, that’s just a little feature that more hardcore players might enjoy. Tell me what you think.


Maybe it should depend on what type of map you’re using assuming 4.X has more than just one chart like 1.X did of course.

I think this should be the case in regular survival of U2. Like instead of finding a chart that’s already filled out with everything and shows your location on the map, there would be different varieties of charts (Some half filled, some torn up, some showing only some parts of the map (Although not sure how difficult it would be to make this sort of thing and actually implement it into the game)). Just a thought

Not really sure if that’s Unturned style

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Yeah sorry : /. I read that, and it just went over my head…


All good bro.

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