Locomotion on snow maps

-Ice skates: found in skating lakes or in civilian homes serve to move around on ice with greater efficiency and speed.

Found in ski areas in the mountains serve to descend snow-capped mountains much faster.
Found in the same places as the but rarer skis descend much faster but has the advantage of being more efficient to deflect obstacles.

Cable car
Connect the hotels the ski slopes and snowboards take up to 4 players at a time, are better and safer to return to the hotel because they follow a straight line so there is nothing to worry about the low visibility in heavy snowfall.

Bonus suggestion: Indigenous NPCs.

They survived thanks to their large groups and knowledge of medicinal plants, live in leather huts in the plains, provide fish, meats, natural remedies, and bows in exchange for something or some mission and service, as well as being able to trade items for wild horses very fast.

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Consider snow maps as maps based on regions known for their rigorous and long winter like Yukon based on the region of the same name.

How about just regular snow shoes?

Horses aren’t indigenous to the tundra, and most “indigenous peoples” are fine with using modern medicines, firearms, automobiles, and power tools. They would have no more and no less reason than any other survivors to learn bushcraft, study local flora and fauna, or to salvage and repair modern technology.

How much the natives went to any map is extra suggestion.

Snowboarding is rarer than skis, the translator makes it appear that they exintiam several types of ski.

{expletive} me in the {expletive}, that’s already possible with vanilla npcs! whoulda thought!?

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