LPT: In your posts asking for help, please add [Solved] to the front of your post title if the issue was resolved

Conversely, if you are looking for a solution to an issue you are having (on any forum, not just here) it would be smart to add “solved” to the search line to refine your search.

Another miscellaneous protip from yours truly!


was this post ever solved?

Sadly no


well thats a darn shame, almost as much of a shame it is that the us government is putting chemicals in the sky to better control the population! This issue doesn’t affect me because I have papa dan’s special anti chem trail sauce available now at www.thislinkdoesntexistikickdogs.com/papadan ! make sure to pick up a couple of bottles to resist those brain transmits that they keep signaling into your head at night while you sleep. This has been nooby “the guy that only comes to this fourm to necropost” fish, over and out.

ps dick fingers are a real issue dont joke about it

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holy shit i typed that? sorry i was fucking blazed last night.