Made a Reworked Dragonfang that makes it more viable

A workshop mod that rebalances and redesigns the military LMG that makes you enjoy it better. Statistics make it more of a beast for combat and new model gives it a terrifying look which will be inherited for my next LMG guns.

A spec-ops sergeant displaying his courageous look with his arsenal. He may have his standard-issue Avenger pistol equipped for his first enemy contact but will soon mow the next with his signature and reworked Dragonfang.

Link to workshop mod is down here:

Also, this mod is not created to compensate for the recent LMG nerfs as it was created in privacy a month before the said event & has nothing to do with the patch that make them somehow viable.


Nelson: Fixes Dragonfang

Community: Escuz me wtf we’ll revert it back

Haha well fun fact: I made it for fun in privacy before the nerf and when I did hear that it happened I was motivated to publish it


So if he has an Avenger in his left hand how the fuck is he carrying the Dragonfang? You can’t attach a 10 kg “light” machine gun to your vest all willy-nilly, you know?

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yeah but this is unturned
also have you considered it was just a quick little picture made to show off the mod

This is unturned, where you can attach a pistol to your hip directly and attach a minigun on your back.

I think it’s safe to assume that at that point, slings are just invisible magic.

If there’s one thing you should complain about the pic, it’s about those fucken weirdo eyes

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Let’s just say that he has been up for 48 or more hours at this point trying to clear out enemies.

These “enemies” are more or less the newly spawned nakeds