Made some guns concept

Dont mind my awful photoshopping skills and name making:

  1. The boltomat ( bol (боль) -pain (russian) tomat - automat ) / AK-12
  2. The crossfire / L85
  3. The Famas / Famas G2
  4. The Freefire / M4A1
  5. The Galil / Galil
  6. The liberator / M16A1
  7. The Scopegewehr / G36A2

These are neat

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Not a huge fan of the ones that look like upgraded versions of guns we already have, but the Moltomat looks neat.


Boltomato )


i said dont make fun of my name making

What are these names…

I like them all except for the**Scopegewehr**

The L85A2 looks hella weird with a ranger mag in it.

It’s way too bent to look right.

Crossfire FTW!

That G36 looks neato