Magazines ejected or manually removed?

In devlog # 01 in the second video we see in the second video how the character reloads the eagle fire, the magazine is ejected and another is placed already devlog # 03 this changes we see the character remove the magazine manually and put another, for obvious reasons nobody wants to have of being collecting the magazines themselves after a shooting, but then why this feature was added? By space is not because the full magazine replaces the void and opens space to keep it in inventory, this gives me idea of ​​3 theories, the first is that if you find a full magazine can eject the empty reload the gun and get the full magazine that is on the floor, the second theory is that the eagle fire model is the M4A1 that has a button to eject a magazine in case it hangs, jammed magazines can happen frequently if the gun is worn, another is that ejecting the magazine and reloading the gun is faster than manually removing what can give an advantage in shootings and not have there is a downside to losing magazines from your weapon if you have several, but only theories.

I’m pretty sure it’s been confirmed for a while that players will have the option to either tap the reload button, which results in the current magazine just being dropped out of the gun to make room for the next one (AKA a “quick reload”), or holding the reload button to do a slower reload that physically takes the magazine, puts it back in the player’s inventory, and then pulls out a fresh mag. I think this video is just showcasing that.


And I thought so too; but I needed confirmation Thank you … Do you like pizza?

Could you please give me the information link? I have already read and re-deleted the wiki, trello and etc and have not seen any of it or are you in devlog? I do not know but could you send me the link? I like to read this while listening to jokes from famous comedians.

I for one like pizza, got some dough rising at this exact moment too.

Just throwing this out there, but I’d personally prefer if there was an option to instead have tapping the reload button start the full length reload animation and tapping again speeding it up by dropping the magazine. Ideally there would also be a third option for people who can neither hold a key down throughout a lengthy reload animation nor rapidly double tap a key, but for most people the first two options would be sufficient.

What if you could take out the magazine an throw it at the enemy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Like this

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I’ve watched that guys videos, they’re pretty interesting

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