Make guns rare in U4

So currently in 3.0 you may find yourself crafting a Makeshift Rifle if you´re far away from any major city. Then you head over into the next Town and find a cobra or any other gun and leave your Makeshift stuff behind. I think modern guns should be more rare and spawn without magazines in some cases. I feel like makeshift stuff should be a big part of the game and no longer something you use for 13 shots and then leave behind. Maybe the makeshift ammo you talked about in the interview with Z00M B could have a lot of uses for makeshift guns like making explosive rounds or incediary rounds. You could paint them etc. like you also mentioned in the interview and make them your personal little piece. Something to maybe keep on your wall as a distant memory of your past :,)


I think this is already planned. Rarer weapons, ammunition for these weapons also rarer, will provide players to seek alternative ways to shoot from a distance, such as improvised bows and spears, in the beginning, and more complex weapons such as bolt-action rifles and improvised rifles in sequence, only after a long time they will be able to have more direct access to industrial guns, like assaut rifles or automatic pistols.


I am okay with progression and having low end guns or bows in the early game and evolving into the end game, and I like your idea of makeshift weapons. But I also don’t want to see U2 become a survival game where guns are all but rare and a just plain grindy to find one and keep the ammo to fire a clip or two.


Sounds like EFT.

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Still haven’t tried that game. Played the Unturned version of it lol.


same i only played EFU

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