Make links open a new tab by default

Whenever I use a link that someone posts, it’s somewhat annoying when it takes over the SDG tab that I was just using. If possible, it would be more convenient if it opened up a new tab automatically.

See for yourself.

Or…you could just hold Ctrl when you click the link?

C’mon dude


Doesn’t exactly work like that on a phone. It’s not a big deal, but just a small quality of life change I’d appreciate.

cease this mobile thottery, peasant


just right click the link and it says


also, why is it a big deal on a phone? your sent to an external website no matter what link you click.

try it, click here and it will bring you to an external website regardless.

I’m well aware of how you can do it. Again, nothing huge, just a minor change that would be nice to have around.

I said it was not a big deal. All I was getting at is that I can’t open them as quickly by control clicking or right clicking to open links in new tabs.

No, it doesn’t send you to external links no matter what. Most links will override the page, but YouTube is unique in that it will open straight through the app, and I assume in its own tab as well. Discord links will also open in new tabs automatically.

I’m well aware that you can open links in new tabs from your phone.

Beep beep!

I’m a sheep, I say–ya a’ shrub! >:c

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Why thank you good sir!