Making an Actual Guide to the SDG Forums

I know that there’s a lot of “Guides” on the forums, however, I want to make a Video guide, it will be focused on being comedic, but will also have some genuinely usefully info.
I was planning on splitting it into sections, Part 1 is getting familiar with the site’s tools and the categories. Part 2 would be about rules. Part 3 would be community culture, (would try to squeeze in a bit about Necroposting into this section)
I’m not a ridiculously active user of the forums, I check it daily, but I haven’t been around all that long. If any of you who are more informed than I am (molt) then I would be more than happy to add your suggestions to the video. I will also update progress on the video right here, in this thread.


uhhh, you call that not being active?

When I said that I was kinda, tired I kinda ment I just don’t engage much, and only reply to 1 or 2 threads every once and awhile.

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Checks post

He’s still doing it. Run for your lifes.

o no


(take none of this seriously, it’s a satirical rant)

Why you little…

What do you think you can achieve that I didn’t already with my fully superior Handy Dandy Beginner’s Guide to the SDG Forums™, you mongoloid? I’ll have you know that comedic value always plays second fiddle to the sheer wonder of discovering something new. And that can only be achieved by a significant excess of information that is readily accessible to the user. I don’t think you know what you’re up against, kiddo, as I am more experienced, passionate, and ego-tastic than you and every other regular combined. I am the life essence of this forum, and you are but a mere mortal child! You’re already dead.


Seriously though by all means if you think you can pull it off, go for it


No worries, Molton’s about to release his new book.
Wait, this image thing has disappeared for a second. We survived.

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Wrong, Aj has more replies than you “kiddo” hehehe

General Formatting

[b]bold[/b] or **bold** or __bold__
[i]italics[/i] or *italics* or _italics_
[s]slash[/s] or slash or ~~slash~~
# Level 1 header via number sign
## Level 2 header via number sign
### Level 3 header via number sign
#### Level 4 header via number sign

<h1>Header Level 1 via tags</h1>
<h2>Header Level 2 via tags</h2>
<h3>Header Level 3 via tags</h3>
<h4>Header Level 4 via tags</h4>
<h5>Header Level 5 via tags</h5>
<h6>Header Level 6 via tags</h6>

`code via backticks`

<code>code via tags</code>
<pre>preview box</pre>
<small>small text</small>
<big>big text</big>

<b>bold via bracket tags</b>
<i>italics via bracket tags</i>

Hyphen-based Header Generation


:arrow_up: any amount of hyphens on their own line with text above, will turn the above text into a level 2 header; if on their own line and no text is above, or the above text is a header, it becomes a bullet list


:arrow_up: always becomes an en-dash, unless on its own line and something is above


:arrow_up: becomes an em-dash when sharing a line, and becomes a horizontal rule when on its own line and nothing is above


:arrow_up: any hyphens over three will no longer create any form of dash, but must still have its own line to create a horizontal rule :arrow_down:

Lists and References

> blockquote
    indent preformatted text by 4 spaces
* List item
- List item
1. List item

Numerical List Ordering

Starting a numbered list will result in it keeping track of the order for you, starting from the first number. For example:

5. Hi,
2. you
9. should
2. run
2. for
17. your
666. LI**V**ES!
  1. Hi,
  2. you
  3. should
  4. run
  5. for
  6. your
  7. LIVES!


:D :-D
:) :-)
;) ;-)
:( :-(
:| :-|
:O :-O 
:P :-P :p
:$ :-$

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There might be actually something that i don’t know. For example, this:

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no u liberal trolled epic style

So this is §uper sized text right?
No th!s?

Ere we goes