Making Electronics Usable

I would consider using the computer, phones, and other type of electronic based items to be usable in the base game as they can be used kinda like the already built in “Stereo” that’s in Unturned. That would push out a bunch of communication benefits for teams, or groups that are gonna be in the game.

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setero? stereo

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That would be neat if you could broadcast a message from like a radio station or something and everybody who is carrying a device would recieve it.

Yeah. I too would love to be micspammed by the first Russian kid who manages to make his way up the radio tower.

I mean, I guess there should be an option to turn your device off, of course


I think at the very least, we should be able to turn on monitors and TVs for light

not stolen from Letgalian’s Furniture at all

sounds gud

A good idea would be to find broken or working electronic devices.

  1. broken devices would require parts or have the ability to get components from it for a certain devices, example a cellphone battery cannot be used with a desktop.

  2. chance to find outdated computers and phones.

  3. different storage mediums, USBs, DVDs, Floppy disks

  4. electronics can get virus causing most systems controlled by the computer to become useless until the computer is fixed

  5. computers that were broken have a chance of data corruption rendering them useless and only good for parts.

Ignoring the sheer age of the post that you responded to, this would be way too over the top.

This is a survival game, not a hacker simulator.

Survival is using what ever means necessary to survive doesn’t matter what you use to achieve that goal. Maybe hacking something could be used for your survival. Isn’t that right?


There’s a huge different between a wasteland survival and a basement-programmer survival.

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That’s exceptionally redundant.

You could also survive by building a rocket and going to space, but you don’t see that in any survival game…that’s because true survival games (including Unturned II) are survival-centric. Meaning they focus on more directly associated aspects of survival, such as creating a shelter from the elements or fending off an apocalyptic threat.

Survival, at least in the apocalyptic/primal sense, doesn’t revolve around turning on your 2000s workstation to discover corrupted data caused by a computer virus :confused:

So what you are saying that you can fend off a bunch of fantasyland walking corpses with nature, but you can’t fend them off with technology? Sounds rubbish to me. And it’s not like this game is set where there isn’t a computer nearby, so how is it so far fetched that you’ll wouldn’t be able to see a couple computers that have a virus or too when you turn them on? And I’m not saying some high tech hacking where you gotta decrypt something, I meant like a computer that has a “blue screen” or something along those lines?

I mean that it’s ridiculous to imply Nelson should be focusing on actually adding this ingame when we don’t even have the basis for some actual survival mechanics yet such as foraging various flora from the wild, irrigation of crops or a proper calorie consumption system, or hell, even physically wiring electricity to buildings in the world.

This just seems like an incredibly niche suggestion, and what on earth would you even do with said electronics? It’s not like you can call 911 for help or use the Internet. This just seems vastly useless with the exception of potentially RP or lore insertion.

insert action movie sequence of a dude with retro clothes rapidly mashing a keyboard in front of a command line interface to launch a missile or something

inb4 cameras and various electrical-stuffs controls via computers cliches.

About the radio thing, Instead of voicechat, it would be better off with text-to-speech with word limit to about 300.

Hello, this is Microsoft David Mobile

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Hello, you have reached Microsoft Sam.

Hello, this is Ask Jeeves