Malwares in the Unturned 3?!

Hey guys, it’s me ya boy (Stevedream or whatever) today I decided to get a little nostalgic so I decided to play Unturned 3 so I went to the matchmaking since I expecting getting the message that I need a faster connection blah blah, found some good server then hopped into the more info about the server suddenly my anti-malware (Malwarebytes) popped a message saying that it blocked a Trojan from a website connection (I got it that point it was the plugins since I have my google closed) so I left it and went on the servers tab, this time I got two popups from Malwarebytes telling me it blocked RiskWare connection and Phishing connection from two other websites. I don’t know anymore what is happening, here are the reports from the anti-malware:

and here is the log of the three suspected webs:
(I don’t know if it’s false-positive but these websites sound too shady for me.)

Unturned has no control over what sites servers put in their “More info” panes, as those are put up by server owners.

Just use some internet common sense and don’t enter sites you’re unfamiliar with. It’s a good thing your anti-virus caught the sites, hopefully before they could do harm.


All of these sites are used to host images (maybe for server pictures), had the same problem, just create an exclusion for those sites.