Man vs The Environment

Here we are going to take a more in-depth look into actual PVE elements and how it could affect us on a bigger scale in the next Unturned.

Enviromental Sounds

When you’re sneaking along the forest you’re just walking through grass, nothing too special. Some bushes here and there and it makes kind of a scrubbing noise and it’s pretty noisy, but not too much. But then you step on a stick and it SNAPS!! EVERYTHING HEARD IT! AND ALMOST ALL ATTENTION IS TOWARDS THAT SOUND YOU ACCIDENTALLY MADE! a real hunter always watches where he steps

Let’s try another one. In this scenario you’re walking in the ridden city in hopes of stealthily grabbing some loot and legging it the moment you’re done. But then you see a group of players, formidably hostile and armed. You slowly crouch-walk backwards but you step on some glass or you kick a can over and it rolls across the floor…

uh oh

Passive Animals

We’ve all seen animals and how they act when they’re undisturbed, perfect for the kill and bringing home that sweet meat! And we’ll see when they’re triggered by player, they run away from the general direction where they sensed the threat. A group of deer galloping away from the forest or through a field, to get away from the danger. A flock of birds just broke away from the trees and flies away from the snap of a twig.


Just moving around with all that gear is loud in general. Imagine how loud it is to carry a bag full of ammo and each individual bullet is clanking together or your rifle, you holster it over your shoulder with a sling and it just bounces with the movement and constantly taps your bag. Mostly just the shuffling of your equipment makes rattling or clinking would make you think twice if you want to remain stealthy or sane due to the constant noises echoing through your head.

This was just the ideas I can come up with for now. I just want to hear your thoughts. Let me know if someone already made another post like this. If so then let this one die…


Wew, lad. These are much more applicable to PvP than to PvE, but alright, sounds good.
Edit: Yes, I understand it is pitting the player against the environment, but the suggestion, by extension, also pertains to PvP by the fact that noise and the response by NPCs can indicate a player’s presence, and PvP will always have more to it than PvE in terms of
strategically-oriented responses.
Maybe I’m overthinking this? Ah, what’s it matter?

A noise modifier pertaining to both the material composition of the gear and its contents.

Material composition example

if I took a knife out of a cloth holster (pants for example), it would make a high pitched screech, depending on the knife.
It wouldn’t do so against a leather or rubber holster.

Contents example

if I had many coins in a pocket, filled to the brim, it wouldn’t make as much noise as a lesser amount of coins, it wouldn’t be able to build up enough momentum to make any forceful impact because of the lack of room, thus reducing noise.
That being said, if I put a large weight on top of some cloth holding down some bullets or put the bullets in an appropriate box, they wouldn’t make as much noise had they not been.

I just don’t want every single item to have the same characteristics.

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or just attention to detail…

That’s not a good reason. It should be good for gameplay. Stick simulation would be pretty goddamn annoying, in terms of the noise, map making (if Nelson wanted to add this he could probably make a stick baking plugin for ue4 but still) and wouldn’t add much more to gameplay other than sound awareness, but you could also argue that it detracts from this as a worse player/sonically aware player would be able to hear someone better. If sticks respawn after snapping, that would lead to some rng, which is bad.

For the second one, again this would require a ton of small objects that are physics based, and again be a headache for map makers and Nelson.

Second one is a really good idea, same with third, would be a good way to balance armor, while still allowing for two playstyles of sneaky fast dude and thicc loud man

i know, it was an old statement back when people stated “realism, for the sake of realism, is bad”

i agree but small objects like sticks and cans don’t have to be physically present it’s just some counts of sound triggers, and the player having to rely on…the…skill tree? idk I just think it provides some advantage and disadvantage at the same time whether you’re hunting or being hunted.

if anything else can break a stick this would bring more awareness to players hunting game or warn them if something is sneaking up on them. It doesn’t have to be a player, necessarily. You know what I mean?

Is there a good reason to be punished for being unlucky (Those damn sticks) or having hard earned gear? I’m not really in favour of this idea, making environment dynamic in sounds is rather pointless just for realism.


I think there should be things that make sound if you step on them, but they should not be based on rng

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