Manually painting materials?

If y’all are up for answering a dumb question, how do you manually paint materials in the map editor? The only guide I could find is years old and apparently the method has changed since then. I’m sure the change was logged somewhere but quite frankly I don’t have the time to sift thru years of update notes. Anyone willin’ to help a guy out?

EDIT: Problem solved, thanks to everyone who responded

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if u like click the material and then do a bit of scrolly scrolly, at the bottom there’s an option dubbed “manually painted” and make sure that has like a check mark next to it (green colored sorta symbol)


also make sure the show baked materials thing in the bottom left is off so you can actually paint it

Alright, I got it working, turns out I had the noise slider all the way down but thought it was all the way up. Thanks for all the help, my gas station is coming along nicely