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The ‘Turned’ is an unmentioned name for the zombies.

There’s a reason why he says that he wants to ‘Re-imagine’ the Turned. If he says that, that means he wants to improve a previous design. By that, he means that he wants to re-design the zombies.

Also the name ‘Turned’ is a bit self-explanatory to what it refers to.

So we will not have those retarded guys in the zombies anymore? Great then it will be like the last of us? More organic fungi out of the head or something?Turned or basically everything that was affected by the virus, but it got even more complicated for me imagined turned as affected animal plants and that the players would continue to be called zombies, I am br and the translation Turned was like “transformed.”

The game is literally called Unturned because it refers to the players, who have not turned into a zombie. Hence, the zombies and all that are colloquially referred to as The Turned.

This is completely unrelated to whatever this is supposed to be

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Basically I understood that turned was referring to other things transformed like, animal plants and etc.

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