Map Creation Location Suggestion

I will appreciate if some one can help me for my map by tell me a location (Country like Russia or Germany, Region like Washington or PEI

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Do something interesting, maybe a Tundra biome…Maybe Nunavut in Canada or Greenland?

You should do this neat place called Kuwait


You could create a fictional location by mixing
countries like israel, russia, spain, etc.

If not, you could do an african country or China

Do it on your own. I’ve seen alot in two years about mapmaking, and one of the main ones is that people who go on forums or the steam discussions and ask “where should I make my map” or “suggestions for my map” either A. don’t take any of them or B. don’t make the map at all.

You should create the State of Oregon which is below Washington State.


Well im thinking about your suggestion

Well Alaska is like Yukon, near Yukon and same Temperature

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Well i will make the map, but im not sure it will be in the workshop, its not working for me i try more than 10 times and when i follow the steps, i click on submit and that say : Please select a valid map

…I wasn’t talking about map submission

I know but i will make the map, but you will probably not see it if my problem is not solved

I’d just make a ficional map just so people won’t complained about the fact that their houses or their favorite restrooms aren’t on the map.

Besides, the only limit you’ll ever have to work with would be your imagination… and balancing the map, coming with ideas for locations in that map, learning unity, blender… egh.

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That’s like minecraft description LUL

Funny you say that.

  • Fictional Map

  • Real Inspiration Map

Lets make a vote

  • Fiction Map
  • Real Map

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@MoltonMontro can yoy change the poll from multiple choices to single choice plz

Well, you all voted for real right now, let see if more poeple want this or else