Map Creation Location Suggestion


i have a bunch of cool suggestions
you should try something like:
Nova Scotia
maybe even the Netherlands




I mean there was a Kuwait on the workshop previously but it was so bad the creator DELETED IT! Animatic I know you know the dude that made it, ask him to give permission to this lad so he can make it.


Yeah sure, let’s hope he accepts the deal, tbh he isn’t competent at all when it comes to making maps.


I mean how competent can he be? he made KUWAIT.


Yeah fuckin’ who even knew about that desolate dot in the middle of nowhere lmao


hey wtf i live there
also this was all a trick, I MADE KUWAIT!
why would you insult me like this.


You insulted yourself buddy smh


fuck wait whos who here, i thought i was animatic there for a second. uhh

did you make kuwait or was it me?



Oh no.


Yeah but Hawaii and Anthens are already curated (anthens = Greece)


Well ty guys for voting, im go work on it right now


yeah but how can i contact him


well lets go for SWEDEN cause thats where 2RGAMES is located



Lets start with STOCKHOLM


Didn’t someone made like norway, finland and sweden… combined in just one map?

But hey, you do you.


i dont know
im gonna look


well there is a map with description : UNREALITIC sweden, and there is a another called The Europe that have combined germany,poland, denmark and sweden


well i need to know what type of hotel i will add, both are relly nice

  • Hotel #1
  • Hotel #2

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Try looking at “Scandinavia.”