Map Discussion and Analysis


What do you guys think distinguishes an excellent map between a good map and also between a bad map?


The use of custom content and appearance


How survival orientated it is.


terrain. If a map doesn’t have good/varied terrain its a no go from me


I agree with all of those. I think that if a map doesn’t have a good or interesting terrain the map itself will have a boring feel. If the terrain isn’t interesting/appealing to the player than they will have a lower chance in enjoying the map most likely. Custom assets are always a good thing that will distinguish a good map from an excellent map. You can make a good map with the regular vanilla assets. But custom content really enhances a map and sets it apart from the pre-existing ones (hopefully). Also along the lines of custom content I think there needs to be enough things the player can actually interact with. Because i think aside from just custom buildings that it really appeals to players when they can try out new weapons, vehicles and clothing. Another thing I think makes a map stand out is the lore/storyline (the meaning and purpose behind the map) and how it’s presented. Being able to see the life, thought and effort being put into a map. A non-generic storyline/lore changes the feel of the map and you can see why a location was designed and what actually happened. It makes you understand the map in my eyes (others may not think this is an important aspect, but I think it’s the foundation of what your map is build/based off of). It may determine how you design your map etc. Of course spawns have to be balanced and enough of them. I see in countless workshop maps where the map is incapable of hosting one player or just a few (so imagine a server of 24 fighting over one piece of clothing, gun or food). So there has to be enough spawns to support players. Balance and consistency are key factors that also determine what type of map you have (excellent, good, bad etc). Some mappers will spend a ton of time on one location while spending little to no time on another. Which really hurts a map. It’s so obvious when locations are under detailed, especially when there’s another location on the map that is fantastically detailed. Consistency over the entire map will help build up the presentation and make it more appealing for the player.


i’m looking for map like germany (loot spawns, buildings, terrain) but a map the size of russia or washington


A map that doesn’t have “RP” in it’s name is ok for me.


but chernarus


What with Chernarus?


it’s called chernarus rp or something isn’t it?


Chernarus RP is just a modified version of the original Chernarus map.

Well, a Chernarus map. There’s a handful. I’m sure some aren’t actually just reuploads of the original, so it could be a modified version of a different Chernarus map.

But the original is just “Chernarus” iirc.