Map editor problem

Hello guys. I have a problem in the map editor (terrain → foliage). I can’t use the drawing and extraction mode, there is simply no cursor, only the usual one in the form of an arrow. The only thing that works is to place objects under the map in the middle of the connection of tiles, as if at zero coordinates, it doesn’t work anywhere else. Help me please.

Could you take a screenshot of what you’re seeing, and post it here?

the cursor was as usual, and remained

logically, there should be a circle instead of a cursor, but it is not

I believe your surface mask in the bottom left that is 23 needs to be 1802240


Thanks a lot!

This is an old post, but likely still gets some traction for those looking for support. Nelson created a new support article that lists the default values for the Surface Mask field, information available here:

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