Map Size and Fps Problems


Dear Nelson,
I’ve seen in many maps that you add a Massive ammount of none needed map size like out of bounds/Outside the actual map and there is no need for that,It just makes the game Run slower for people with bad PC setups or Laptop Users and its not fun…Please Remove some of that annesecary part of the map and put something else or make it smaller…It will totally improve the game perfomance a lot cause people will able to play the game like the Russia Map or Hawaii way better.
Best wishes,Timber


This secondary terrain doesn’t actually exist like primary terrain does, and has a minor impact on performance. It will not:


Here’s my question (completely out of curiousity) : Do games such as Rainbow Six only render a 180° view such as walls, trees, floors, objects, etc.
Or do they render a full 360° around you within a certain distance
Or do they render the entire map at the start (since their maps are so small)?


Afaik most modern games implement multiple forms of culling (Unturned included, though its usefulness is questionable at times).

For R6S specifically, I can actually link you to stuff rather than explain its processes myself:


Oh ok got it