Map size & walking simulator fix

If it’s true that the whole UII will aim for a more realistic approach, it’s legit to think that also the maps size shall be considerably increased and if that’s the case, I think that a way to constantly run and even dash sould be added from the get go.
Also about dashes, it’s going to be obvious that the game can’t keep in any form the current stamina system (chained with skills) so or stamina gets removed or that bar must take a lot of time to get empty, but at that point I would remove it in the first place.

About maps size again, Idk if UII shall still use the 3 way size thing like 3.0 (small medium large) or if it should aim for this new realistic huge version to be used only.

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So the maps would be actual country size ?
Also instead of the stamina bar what if you have like 3 stages of tierdness with each of them you work less effective and your endurance would increse with a certain skill

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If you removed stamina you could make melee skills have like reduced cooldown per hit (faster swings etc)
Parkour is just higher jump
Exercise will increase run speed and dodge speed/lenght.
Cardio could increase oxygen storage, reduce breathing noise when running and increase jumping rate? (jump faster)

And since the new skill system should be like “the more you do something, the better you get at it” melee attacks could become faster overtime, same as the reduced breathing sound and the higher jumps so removing the stamina bar seems possible.

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