Map size

In a stream Nelson said, that he will make the game servers suitable for more slots. He thinks maybe like 64 slots for players.

But what about the map size. He didn’t discuss that, as far as I know.
If he did answer that question, in a previous discussion, I apologise.

He said he would probably go for 4x4 km (which is russias size in 3.0). The max for custom maps would be around 20x20 km. He was comparing it to other Unreal Engine games.


Okay, thanks!

Russia is 4x4

I wrote 8x8? Damn, yeah 4x4 is what I ment to type, sorry

4x4 is way to small for 60 players imo

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During Zoom B’s Interview i heard that hes gonna try to make maps 8x8km which he thinks is double of Russia, But i would instead of that like to have bigger citys hbu?

I heard 8x8 not 4x4 XD so you might not be wrong the first time

larger than insane-sized maps letsgo

I would love to see bigger cities and more terrain detail, so we can have places to hide our bases.

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I don’t care about terrain quality all I want is bigger city’s so there is not a 33 person gun fight in a small town where they can litterly get shotgunned

I think he said that he is going to go for 8x8, and he used russias 4x4 size for comparision, so it would be 4x the size of russia

Btw does anyone know how big dayz’s map is compared to unturned’s russia map?


technically 8x8 is actually a 4 times bigger area than 4x4


Ups yes thats right xD


XD exactly what I had stated, so we both heard that

Well yes, then it is most likely 8x8 if we both heard that

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