Map to map traveling system and other suggestions

Map to map system
In my option the travel would work like this when you hit a border of the map it triggers a loading screen to the map or an large ocean like map when youre traveling lets say from russia to canada server devs could add more maps to the list via simple UI in the server options or completly disable that feature.Players could also use tunnels that can be infested with mutanted turned making the traving a challange that would need preperation and proper tactics in order to make it there in once piece also that would give a valid reason to add passenger jets and accual ships to the game and more realistlic fuel consumption.

Boat sinking
Players should be able to sink small boats with a few well aimed shots with ships they would need explosives

Aircraft flying after youve exited out of the vehicle

When you drop out of your plane mid air while leaving the engines on the plane would fly forward until it runs out of fuel or loses control

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I was hoping for something good when I saw the [LONG THREAD].
Turns out it was just a normal, average-length thread.
Anyways, what you’ve suggested has already been suggested a couple times already, and although you do make some interesting points, the rest is kinda redundant.
Oh, and welcome to the Forum. I hope you don’t mind if I change your title to avoid dissapointment confusion.


Rather then a sinking boat system I feel that if a shot hits the correct area the boats health will rapidly decline.


Well I had an longer text about the whole map to map thing but it started to get too confusing thats why its well shorter

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Did you even read the post before criticizing it?
We all make mistakes.


I think I am blind



This is supposed to be a hardcore survival game. We really don’t need the ability to use jet airliners or leisure yachts; and in fact those kinds of vehicles are actually incredibly unpractical, burning huge amounts of specialized fuel that no survivor would logically be able to secure.


Yeah that is true but tgere still should be a very rare private jet also the main thing why i would want to see a passenger plane is beacuse you would be able to salvage the seats and replace it lets saw with storage space etc

and this is unturned it doesnt need seperate type of fuel

Edit: there*

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Even if it’s were to be added. The size of runway would be a pain-in the-rear to begins with. Not to meantion that only airports would have enough space. In-which makes it not suitable for every-apocalypse-day usages. (Unless you make a makeshift runway for it, which is basically a pain in the rear)

Also as @GreatHeroJ stated. The amount of fuel it would need. (No the annushka isn’t a private jet) would be a problem.

Now that had been cleared off. If you want it so realistic, why not make every “states” between those maps. That would solve the probl- oh wait noone likes that.


I don’t think jets and ships have much use in every day survival, of course they wouldn’t, because that’s not their purpose, they’re specialized in bringing large loads across long distances. If jets were just for taxiing around an airport, or even for flying around the map I would agree that jets would be pretty pointless, but as a way to travel from one map to another, they make sense. They wouldn’t be things that you need for basic survival, but if 4.X is supposed to take inspiration from Factorio, an end game goal akin to the rockets of Factorio that allows you to start again on a new map without losing everything or taking everything with you would probably make the single player experience a lot more engaging.


Ships would be used as big floating bases in an irl zombie apocalypse.

you don’t really need fuel for the big ship either you just anchor far enough from shore that zeds can’t get you and use a rowing boat to travel between ship and shore.

A ship would would be among the safest places imo.

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But I do like the idea of traveling between maps via a mini game such as the mutant tunnel op mentioned.

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