Maps don't load after being built on

So pretty much maps don’t load when they get to the end after being built on, I have had Unturned for months and this has not happened until May 6th, 2020. Its just singleplayer that’s been having the issue I’ve went on servers and it loaded in moments with no issue


Processer: AMD A9-9425 Radeon R5, Compute cores 2C

Ram: 4.00 GB
System type: 64-Bit operating system, x64-based processer

Storage: 119 GB

That’s not a lot of information to go on. You should consider editing your original post to include more information, such as your hardware specs, how long it’s been going on, when it started, etc.

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Bro, your computer’s a potato.

You should post here your PC’s specs.
You could also try and set minimal graphics in your game maybe it will help you

Is it all maps or just a certain few?

Any map I build on it has a chance of breaking

this is a brand new problem and I’ve had my graphics the same and nothing has happened until May 6th on the Germany map

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Not really, I’ve had Unturned for months and this has not happened before

What OS have you been using?is the problem appearing since an update in particular?

I wouldn’t know since this has been very new, its probably just a map glitch

yeh I understand.But still maybe by posting your specs and indicating any potential error message or strange behaviour that the game shows you Nelson will be able to fix the bug!(if it is a bug)

damnnn 2 cores?? upgrade man

ehh not really
i played Unturned fine for ages on a computer with similar specs

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