Maps, Lore, and Aesthetic

This is directed mostly at Nelson, but what do you all think about 4.0’s future maps and lore. I figure PEI will be first, but how will it look like and what would the lore be?

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I think that for 4.0 it would be cool if instead of the maps being location based it was based upon fictional locations that Nelson comes up with. That way there would be more freedom with the map design and could be better balanced for different types of PVP and base building.

I see what you mean, but your logic has one flaw. The unturned locations aren’t very realistic in dimensions and layout. In Russia, St. Petersburg and Moscow aren’t next to each other. PEI isn’t a U, and Germany isn’t a river valley. The most realistic map compared to real geography that Nelson made was Canada, and that’s retired. That creative freedom lets Nelson do whatever, and I figure he’ll be using this approach in 4.0 too.


Bring back canada

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