Maps that I make in the devkit look like trash in satellite/chart. How do I fix this?

The terrain transition looks bad.
Roads are flubbed up.
The terrain looks pixelated and extended from what it is in the real map.

I’ve tried pumping up my graphics settings but that didn’t help.

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Are the actual roads going through the ground, too, and not just in the Chart/GPS?


Chart/GPS only

How large is your map?

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Large sized

Looks fine to me.

zoom, or you’re probably blind. the terrain transition is fucked up, same with roads.

This is what every GPS looks like when generated. Also, your roads are too straight.

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This problem doesn’t occur when I make maps in the normal editor

I never had this problem, but you can maybe try to make chart/GPS with “Defered” graphics.

That’s for decals, not terrain/road/object quality.

Are you sure your roads aren’t just really low to the ground? Make sure they are actually coming up a bit, and follow the terrain’s geography (or make the geography follow the road).

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I did mess around with the roads and make them slightly taller. Same results.

If it doesn’t work, you can also try full draw distance and full Ultra Landmarks

Maybe the robot doesn’t see other roads/buildings on the map because you’re not enough close from them, then with
full draw distance and full landmarks, maybe the robot who create GPS/Chart can see them.

I’ll try using deferred

Huh. Dont know what to tell you, then.

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use photoshop to blend the colour transition

Maybe you should check the date of the thread before you make a comment. Also, this bug was fixed a few updates back. @MoltonMontro please lock this

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