Maps without turned

In Unturned , there only are maps with zombies ( turned for UII ) , I thought it would be an insanely good idea if there was some maps without turned but with creatures instead such as bear , snakes and that .

The point of the game is surviving in some apocalyptic region with zombies. Want bears, play Yukon/Carpat. If you’re actually looking for something else like that I can only recommend you The Long Dark. But I must say, I fail to see how you would plan to play only against wildlife threats in Unturned.


Agreed , there are some maps with wildlife only .
But a map without turned could also have harsh climate and many predators .
Or have many cliffs .

you could make maps in unturned 3.0 without zombies. Like me, i have a test map for everyone to play and contains no zombies. I dont know why you would want a map in ll that has 0% or any zombies.

Why problem make when you no problem have you don’t want to make?

redcomm wut


Translation: why make a problem for yourself if you have nothing to do?

I’m thinking something like a forest map with maybe some npcs but mostly just bears wolves and a few wandering zombies.

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